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A King Has Fallen


For those of you who haven’t heard the news yet, Aegislash was sent to the Uber tier yesterday on Smogons OU ladder. Was Aegislash’s exile justified? Was its move to Ubers even required at all? The biggest question on most players mind is just what does the absence of Aegislash mean for the metagame?


What is Aegislash?

Here is a brief overview of Aegislash, brought to you by

“Aegislash is a Steel/Ghost type Pokémon introduced in Generation 6. It is known as the Royal Sword Pokémon. Aegislash has two different forms - Shield Forme, which is more defensive, and Blade Forme, which is more offensive. Its ability, Stance Change, causes Aegislash to change into Shield Forme when a defensive move is used, or change into Blade Forme when an attacking move is used.”


Here is a glimpse at its base stats.

Shield Forme Blade Forme

HP: 60 HP: 60

Attack: 50 Attack: 150

Defence: 150 Defence: 60

Special Attack: 50 Special Attack: 150

Special Defence: 150 Special Defence: 60

Speed: 60 Speed: 60


Total: 520 Total: 520

Aegislash is a Pokemon who has been a staple in the singles metagame since its release in October of last year. Its ability Stance Change is what allows it to be thrown into most teams very easily. It’s playstyle is very simple. Since Aegislash is so slow it will most likely always go second in battle. After taking minimal damage from attacks while in Shield Forme it’s Stance Change ability goes into effect swapping it from Shield Forme to Blade Forme. Once in Blade Forme it can use its humongous 150 base Attack or 150 base Special Attack to most often 1 shot potential enemy Pokemon. From there it can use a move that it learns exclusively for this situation, King’s Shield. King’s Shield is a move which changes Aegislash from from Blade Forme into Shield Forme. King’s Shield also protects the user from taking damage during the turn and gives any Pokemon that would make contact to Aegislash suffer as -2 to their Physical Attack stat. King’s Shield is a move that most players believe makes Aegislash force to be reckoned with.


Why was Aegislash a suspect for testing in OU

Here are a couple of reasons why it is up for suspect testing, whether any of these are ban worthy is up to you the community.


#1) It limits a very large pool of Pokemon by just being in the OU tier. With it gone players are free to use a much wider variety of Pokemon and potentially expand the metagame into a direction it has never been before. Also, having Aegislash in the OU tier means players have to constantly bring 1 or 2 checks to it in every team. Play like that just stagnates the game and makes for boring repetitive play.


#2) King Shield 50/50s bring a bit of hax into the game. Make a wrong guess and run into a King Shield and you can potentially weaken yourself to the point that you risk being set up on. There have been countless games where this has happend to even the best players. Remember, Smogons main goal when suspect testing a Pokemon isn’t testing to see if it’s broken. It’s testing to see if the Pokemon in question has a negative effect on the metagme.


Aegislash’s move to Ubers is going to be a very big topic this week and will most likely be the target of many players rage fests. It’s up to you the community to decide for yourself if this move is justified. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the matter, who knows you might be able to save it from a life in the Uber tier if you make a good enough point.



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